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Voice, SMS and fax applications in the cloud

A simple, yet powerful telephony API

  • The comprehensive, yet simple API allowed us to migrate our existing system to Aculab Cloud with minimal issues.

    Chris Marks - Abritas

  • Aculab's straightforward Cloud API allowed us to rapidly develop a scalable, reliable telephony platform to better meet our clients' messaging needs.

    Adam Johnston - Alert Solutions

  • Aculab's vast experience in Telecoms, along with an industry leading cloud architecture, gave us confidence to choose Aculab as our next gen IVR partner.

    David Dragon - BeQuick software

  • The difference between service providers is how problems are handled. Aculab Cloud continues to keep their critical services functioning reliably.

    Douglas Fritz - Insta-Info Inc.

  • The Aculab Cloud service provided my company with the ability to quickly develop and deploy a stable and scalable voice broadcasting system.

    Andrew Maillet - Alert Solutions

  • We saved thousands on servers, bespoke hardware and dedicated ISDN lines. After the initial cost of development, our remaining charges are only for lines and calls on a PAYG basis.

    Chris Marks - Abritas

  • Our previous internal systems were limited in capacity, but with Aculab Cloud we are able to consistently handle a much higher workload from our clients.

    Andrew Maillet - Alert Solutions

  • The Aculab Cloud team continue to show their dedication to excellent customer service. Thank you for all you do.

    Douglas Fritz - Insta-Info Inc.

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How it works