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Web Services

Aculab Cloud has web services for:

Starting an Outbound Service
You call this web service to start an outbound service that you have set up on your account. The outbound service identifies the type of application required (UAS or REST API) and its name. Aculab Cloud starts up an instance of this application.

Managing your files in the cloud
This web service allows you to access and manipulate audio, fax and REST log files that reside in your account on Aculab Cloud.

Interrupting a REST application
You call this web service to interrupt a running REST application.

Booking and managing conferences
Aculab cloud supports unreserved conferences of up to 40 participants, and reserved ones of up to 350 participants which need to be booked in advance using this web service. It also manages participants of currently active conferences.
Managing SMS Messages
You can use this web service to send SMS messages, keep track of their progress and identify which of your telephone numbers may be blocked from sending SMS messages.

Managing inbound telephone numbers
You can use this web service to manage your existing inbound telephone numbers and purchase new ones.

Requesting reports
This service allows you to request and download detailed application, call or error reports.

Accessing monitor recordings
Aculab Cloud can record all incoming audio received from outbound calls placed by your applications, starting from any early media received before the call is answered. You use this web service to access these recordings.

Choice of Client Language:

You can use a high-level language wrapper to write your web service clients
write your own clients using the web services directly.