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Glossary of terms

ADR Application Data Record (ADR). A summary of information relating to a particular application run. ADRs for recent failed applications can be accessed via the UAS Management Console.
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition. Aculab Cloud ASR can recognise words spoken naturally (whether as a single word, a short phrase, or a longer sentence).
ASGF Aculab Speech Grammar Format. Aculab Cloud ASR uses a grammar to specify which words will be listened for, and in which order they are expected to occur.
Cloud Id An identifier for a specific cloud region. A Cloud Id has the format R-L-C (Region-Layer-Cloud), for example, "0-2-0" for a European cloud.
Cloud Region Aculab Cloud maintains a number of cloud regions on physical servers around the world. For low-latency it is advisable to use the region that is geographically closest to your customers.
CWP Cloud Web Portal (CWP). The name for the website you are currently viewing. Allows you to view documents, upload media files, set service addresses and much more!
Dashboard A table of useful information relating to your account presented on the home page, available after logging into your account.
Developer PIN code This is a unique eight-digit code which identifies your Aculab Cloud account. You are asked for this number after dialling one of the Developer Telephone numbers.
Daemon On Linux platforms, a daemon is a type of application which runs in the background, allowing the user to continue using the console on which the application was executed. The UAS can be launched as a daemon in Python.
Developer Telephone Numbers These are telephone numbers provided for you to call your SIP Developer Identifier Address. Your call is answered by our automated system which prompts you for your Developer PIN code. If the entered code matches to a record on our database, your call is forwarded to the SIP Developer Identifier Address.
DTMF Dual Tone-Multi Frequency (DTMF). A term for encoding key presses on a phone into distinct tones, which are then interpreted on the receiving end.
Extra Channel By default, an application handles a single primary call channel. The service invoking the application can be configured to allow extra outgoing call channels to be used.
Inbound Call A call initiated by a customer into the Aculab Cloud.
Inbound Service Address A SIP address that is unique across the Cloud and points to your UAS Applications. You can have many Inbound Service Addresses registered to your account, that may each point to a different UAS Application. An inbound call destined for one of your Inbound Service Addresses will activate the UAS Application for that service.
Media Files Wav files that you have provided to be played to a caller, or that have been recorded by an application. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, deleted, copied and moved within the Aculab Cloud via the CWP, Web Services API or UAS Applications.
Outbound Call A call initiated by the Aculab Cloud at the request of a UAS Application.
Outbound Service An identifier that is unique within your account and points to one of your UAS Applications. You can have many Outbound Services, that may point to a different UAS Application. A Web Services Application invokes one of your Outbound Services that will activate the UAS Application for that service.
Outbound Service Invocation Password A password that you can configure for each of your outbound services that protects it from unauthorised invocation. You can configure it when registering an outbound service in the CWP and must provide it when invoking your service via the WS API.
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). A worldwide network of hardware-based telephone exchanges. Used whenever a landline or mobile/cell phone dials another.
SIP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). A software-based communication protocol. Using SIP allows the user to make calls over the Internet, usually for free. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones commonly use SIP. There are also many products that make SIP calls possible on PCs, Macs and Smart phones.
SIP Developer Identifer The inbound service that is invoked when a Developer Telephone Number is called, and your Developer PIN code is entered correctly. It always begins with sip:-- followed by your PIN. There is one per account.
TTS Text-To-Speech (TTS). Allows an application to speak pre-determined text to a phone call.
UAS User Application Server (UAS). A Windows service or Linux daemon running on a platform controlled by you. It runs your UAS Application when one of your services is invoked.
UAS Application An application you can write and install into your UAS. The application conforms to certain simple rules that control the call logic and media processing. A UAS Application is either Inbound or Outbound depending on whether its primary purpose is to manage an inbound or outbound call. It can be configured to make additional outbound calls, see Extra Channel.
UAS Management Console Also known as the Management Console. This is the web service that gives you access to manage your UAS machine. It can be found on port 38000 of your local machine, accessible by your web browser.
WS API The Web Services Application Programming Interface (WS API). This is a collection of routines which allows you to invoke outbound services. It also allows file upload, download and deletion of files on the Aculab Cloud.
WS Application Web Services (WS) Application. A program that uses the WS API to invoke your outbound services and/or manage your media files on the Aculab Cloud.