Web Services Java Wrapper Overview


Aculab Cloud provides a number of Web Services that implement features such as initiating outbound services, managing files, sending SMS messages and managing telephone numbers and other resources on the cloud.

You can make requests to these web services directly or use this high-level language wrapper.

The Wrapper Library

The wrapper is supplied as a java archive webservicewrappers.jar. It comes packaged with both the Java UAS and Java REST API the Java UAS along with a number of sample applications that illustrate how to use it.

The PlatformAccount class identifies the cloud Rapide server and user account on which the web service is to be called.
For each Web Service suite a set of classes exists that wraps the web service requests and unwraps the JSON format responses.

The main wrapper classes available on Aculab Cloud Rapide and Aculab Cloud are:


The java samples included in the download package illustrate how to use the various wrapper classes.

Please note that in the interests of clarity these samples are short on the kind of error handling and diagnostic aspects that would typically be required in a live environment.

Where to Find Them

In the Java Web Services download package they can be found in the <installation folder>\lib folder.

How to Run Them

These samples are all console applications. Some require command line parameters to be supplied. Those that do describe the expected parameters below each sample description.