Python Web Services Wrapper and Samples

Version: 1.3.7.

Created: 27 June 2022.

If you do not have an Aculab Cloud account please visit the Aculab Cloud Web Portal to sign up, or to simply learn more about the product.


Aculab Cloud provides a number of web services that are available for use through any HTTP client. They implement features such as:

  • Starting an Outbound Service

  • Managing Messages

  • Managing Files

  • Voice Biometrics

  • Accessing Monitor Recordings

  • Interrupting a REST Application

  • Managing Conferences

  • Managing Telephone Numbers

  • Lookup a Telephone Number

  • Generating Reports

  • Generating WebRTC Client tokens

  • Security checking

Developers wishing to incorporate these services into Python applications may benefit from using the Python Web Services Wrapper module. The Wrapper module handles the data type formatting and HTTP message processing required when calling the web services. The Wrapper module exposes a number of classes and each class relates to one of web service features listed above. For example, the Wrapper module exposes a class named 'message_web_service' which serves as a wrapper around the 'Managing Messages' web service feature.

To demonstrate the use of the Wrapper module, a number of command line sample tools have been provided. Each sample demonstrates the use of a particular Wrapper module class. For example, the '' sample tool demonstrates the use of the 'message_web_service' Wrapper class.