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User Application Server (UAS) APIs


On Aculab Cloud, you can develop voice and fax applications using high-level language APIs written in Python, C#, VB, F#, C++ and Java. Your applications run within a server that resides on your own platform. This server is called the User Application Server (UAS).

You  download a UAS package for your chosen language and install and run it on your platform.

You install your applications in the UAS and configure  Outbound and Inbound Services in Aculab Cloud to call your applications by name when a call is received or a call is made. See How to start applications.

Your applications direct Aculab Cloud to handle the call, make new calls and perform call processing, such as playing a file or asking a question and prompting for a response.

Check out the UAS Quickstart Guide newwin Opens in new window

UAS Documentation

Full UAS package and API documentation for each language:

UAS Download Packages

download a UAS package.

Each package contains:

  • the UAS server which needs to be installed and run on your platform
  • a Management Console with which you can install your applications in the UAS and manage connections to Aculab Cloud
  • a web service wrapper library that wraps calls to the various web services exposed by Aculab Cloud
  • plenty of application samples to get you started