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If you know Python, C#, VB, Java or C++, telephony is now in your toolkit!

Telephony features

Inbound/outbound SIP calls

Inbound/outbound international calls

2-way SMS

Call transfer


Automatic speech recognition

Voice recording

DTMF detection and barge-in

Inbound/outbound fax

Multi-party conferencing

Call progress analysis

Live speaker detection

Telephony applications

Conferencing platforms

Voting platforms (voice/SMS)

Hosted PBX, auto-attendant

Contact centre queueing and automation

Inbound information services

Outbound voice/SMS broadcast and alerting services

Two factor authentication (2FA)


Predictive diallers

Fax broadcasting

Fax services


Due to the Cloud based nature of our product, your application can be reached from anywhere in the world. We currently have two regions where our physical servers are located, USA-East and EU-West (Ireland). You should always aim to host your application in a region closest to where your expected customers are located. We can offer you geographic, national, mobile and toll-free inbound telephone numbers from around the world in 58 different countries.

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